8bit Feed was a Video blog where I interviewed the successes and failures that industry professionals have made with the objective of helping educate and inform others like myself about the startup culture.

Vince Baskerville

Founder & Host of 8bit Feed, and Co-founder of TripLingo
I’ve been in the tech industry for over a decade creating (designing & developing) various media campaigns for a multitude of clients, both local & national. So when I’m not at the computer creating something, I’m still at the computer reading, writing and blogging about whats current with the tech industry.

If you’d like to read a more in depth history about me, or learn more about my current venture: TripLingo you can find that information on my current industry blog.

 8bit Feed closed doors

I have since discontinued this show, however the videos still continue to be a great help to many new inquisitive minds. This projects had an amazing unexpected affect and at the time and sky rocked my freelance business. So, I decided to actually take the then-newly advice that I absorbed from interviewing and befriending the awesome guys on the show and go from there.

Twitter: @whoisvince | Blog: vincentjordan.com