the myths of innovation – Book Review

I believe that one of the many issues that plagues many aspiring innovators is actually believing in those varying and vast amounts of myths that proceeded them regarding other great designers/developers/inventors/etc. A couple well known examples from the book are the stories of how Issac Newton discovered gravity and the great tale of how Archimedes’ had his ‘Eureka’ moment by discovering how to detect if a gift was false gold. Scott Berkun goes to great length to debunk these myths and help the reader understand the whole ugly truth that’s left out of all the original stories.

the myths of innovation isn’t so much about discrediting all the infamous stories and legends of great innovators but  more about explaining how you should re-frame your ideology about innovation. Once you understand the real stories you can go about trying to create your next brilliant creation in the most succinct form of devoting an overabundance of time, trials and errors, and constantly failing; thus leading you to your very own personal ‘Eureka‘ moment because of all your arduous and intensive research prior.

The book itself is fairly short, and if your a big enough geek as I am then you won’t be bored with all the history lessons. Nonetheless, I think if your in any type of white collar position (and obviously entrepreneurs) that encourages innovation and creativity this is a great book for you.

I give it 4/5 stars

  • “Myths are often more satisfying to us than the truth, […] this begs the question: is shaping the truth into the form of an epiphany myth a kind of lie, or just smart PR? – pg 6
  • “Innovating comes at a price: it might be money, time, sanity, friends, or marriages, but there will definitely be one.” – pg 37
  • The magic double secret principle / Innovator’s dilemma – pg 61
  • “Teams with scorched deserts where creative jungles should be usually have a manager to blame.” – pg 102
  • Framing problems/ Palm Pilot story – pg 129-131


  1. sounds like a good read. Im going to see if I can preview the ebook. My iPad is itching to get played with :)


  2. admin says:

    Albiet I’m extremely late.. :/ I hope you had a chance to read it, as it really was a good read

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