So What? How to Communicate What Really Matters to Your Audience – Book Review

Mark Magnacca brings the deceptively simple concept of “So What?” with how we try communicating and breaks it down into 3 clear and concise steps; For What?, So What?, Now What?

I believe this is one of those books that’s an absolute for entrepreneurs. As such, it’s easy for us to get excited and radiate our enthusiasm about our product and/or service that many of us forget that people really don’t care what you have to offer until they comprehend the benefits or positives that specifically effect them.

The book is written very succinctly with clear examples, quotes and examples that moves straight to the point in every chapter. He also implores you to try his 21-day challenge to help reinforce the strategies mentioned within the book, which I also recommend as well.

I give it 5/5 stars ★★

  • ‘Take-away ideas’ that wrap up each chapter beautifully
  • “a personal biography is not a tool of clever salesmanship by which men and women demand and receive more money for the same services they formerly sold for less pay. Rather it’s about the interests of the purchaser as well as the seller of personal services to ensure the employer receives full value for the additional value he pays. ” – Napoleon Hill pg 62
  • “Repetition is a must. You just can’t expect the So What Benefit of what you are offering will get through to your audience the first time you mention it.” – pg 117
  • Winging It Versus Orchestration – chapter 7
  • The So What Positioning Statement Generator – pg 100-103


  1. Repetition is a must! I was reading the Guerrilla Marketing Book and they mentioned that for every 3 mentions the user hears 1 nad it takes 9 mentions for them to actually consider your proposition.

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