Updated Unity 2.6 & why you should care!

UNITY-splashA few weeks ago I wrote an article about the pros and cons of Unity 3d and two other great gaming engines out there; (excluding great but unfriendly to wallet engines like: Unreal Engine, Gamebryo Lightspeed, cryENGINE, etc. ) One of the chief points was the harsh entry price tag, especially for those wanting to expand their title to the iPhone. Recently they have made two shocking announcements at the Unite 2009 conference, the first was an amazing update with v2.6, and the second was that their barrier from indie developers was now removed. That’s right, Unity 3d now has a free version now titled just ‘Unity’.

“… [W]e launched a new product called just “Unity”. It has the same features as Unity Indie had, and the same license (and can thus be used commercially). The only difference will be that it’s free of charge. No time limits, no trials. Just a registration and a download, and you’re good to go.

This new product won’t do anything funky or strange. There’s no forced advertising, there’s no new requirements to share your revenue with us, and there’s no “crapware” or “adware” installed with it.”

This was a very impressive and smart strategic move to ensure their popularity momentum stays strong. Unity 3D has been seeing steady growth and has also announced that they’ve had a 50% growth increase within 48hrs of the news. So to make it clear, if your a person, small team or company that has any ounce of interest in creating awesome web games that has the capability to expand to other platforms, ie the iPhone, Wii, and soon XBox 360 and Playstation 3, your once price obstruction is now removed. Go ahead and download it, make something great and come back here so I can interview you :)

A few things new in v2.6, (view all the changes here) :

  • Optimized loading
  • Enhanced performance and new profiler
  • Subversion, Perforce, Bazaar or any VCS with Unity Pro
  • Built in search
  • Improved compression
  • Better Animation Editor
  • etc…

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