Evernote vs. Shovebox

evernote-vs-shoveboxI’ve recently taken advantage of the MacHeist deal and instantly fell in love with one of the applications: Shovebox. If you have a mac, I’d highly recommend that you quickly go and take advantage of the MacHeist deal and grab Shovebox for free, as it originally Shovebox costs $24.95. Needless to say, I believe that it’s still a great app in which it’s price is relatively justified. The reason I say it’s relatively justified is because it’s direct competition, in my opinion, is Evernote. For starters Evernote is free with a premium option of $5 a month or $45 a year. Already Evernote peaks interest based off the price, now lets look at the actual functionality of the apps; Evernote is better, hands down.

Evernote has an amazing OCR ( Optical character recognition ) engine, so when you take pictures of business cards or anything with text, it’ll scan the images and feed it back to you when you do a search. It’s absolutely fantastic, and I’ve been using it for roughly over a year. I’m currently using it to house all the business cards I get from clients & people I meet by networking. I’m using it to evaluate my options for houses when my wife and I move to Atlanta, GA; insurance, designs, clothes, etc.. the list goes on. In addition to that, everything syncs back to their servers and you can access your data on their web app, or via your mobile phone: iPhone, blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm Pre (all free). Yet, I’m so in love with Shovebox.

Shovebox is very limiting. It’s only on the mac platform. It does have an iPhone app ($1.99) to sync your data, but you can’t access it anywhere else. There’s no tags, no easy text manager.. nothing. This is actually why I believe I love it. It’s stripped down to the essentials. It has a simple HUD (Heads Up Display) that you can easily add text to, or drag whatever to its icon in the menu bar, and it just works. No application to load every-time, your not bogged down with features you may or may not use. It simply helps aggregate your data, nothing more, nothing less.

I still plan on keeping my Evernote account, as it does have its purpose for me; however for the small day-to-day things, Shovebox has won my heart.

Do you use either Evernote or Shovebox? If so let me know what some of your thoughts are, like how your actually using them. Or if you use something else, sound off with that too.


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