37signals’ Basecamp just keeps getting better

I love when I either stumble or notice little gems from the plethora of software & web-service apps I use. I’ve recently tweeted about the small, yet still amazing, addition to Basecamp in which they’ve added due dates to to-dos. If you don’t currently use Basecamp or any of 37signals web apps then it might not sound like much, especially if your coming from bloated software like Microsoft Office Project Standard 2007; which may be required for your specific job & projects. However for many of us out there, 37signals line of products are great tools which actually scales for many small to large corporations as well.

The next major feature will be showing dated to-dos on your Dashboard and Overview calendars. Currently those calendars only show milestones due in the next 14 days. Soon they’ll show to-dos as well. We’ll also be revamping and modernizing drag-and-drop reordering. We think you’ll really like that as well.

If your not to familiar with their products, you should check out their product tour for Basecamp and check out their other basecampgreat products too. I personally use almost all their services except for Campfire. It’s another great service, I just don’t have a need for it.

Nonetheless, Basecamp is a great web based project management tool which helps you manage projects & organize your documents in one place & share it across teams. With this online project management software, you can set up the project tasks, assign those tasks to your team members & other resources and set milestones. Within one central location, files can be uploaded and reviewed by other team members. You can also give your clients access, so they can be updated on the progress of their project, & thus tasks can be handled efficiently and promptly.

This isn’t & won’t be for everyone regardless of your company size. There were & are plenty of my clients that refuse to use the system which almost makes it pointless to use it for their project. In addition to clients, you may find resistance from either yourself or from your own organization if everyone isn’t already used to some type of collaborative organizational process.

Furthermore, even if your team & clients all work systematically there is a chance that you may find it limiting. I however happen to love their approach to keeping this simple and as clean as possible. I actually mentioned this before in another post regarding the KISS method to design & development.

As for their prices there is a free plan with 1 project, unlimited users & no file sharing; but it’s really limited and is just a teaser which is why I haven’t put this into a ‘Weekly Free‘ post. From there they have 4 plans: Basic ($24), Plus ($49), Premium ($99) & Max ($149).

There are plenty other great web project management/ collaboration tools out there so if you happen to use something else after or before trying Basecamp let me know what it is and why you like it.

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