Scoreloop for Unity 3D

score loop for unity 3d

Scoreloop on the iPhone

If your a developer and your already using Unity 3D as your gaming engine of choice for the iPhone, then I’d highly recommend you check out Scoreloop! Ever since the days of arcade gaming, high scores have dominated gamers’ minds. Without fail, these game players always want to have that top spot on the leaderboard to insure their status among the community. So why should you bother with Scoreloop or any type of leaderboard? Simple, because the constant social reminder of ranking promotes a competitive awareness which will help drive your iPhone game sales up.

Scoreloop Features:

  • Unity 3D Compatibility
    Unity developers can now integrate Scoreloop as easily as X-Code developers!
  • Simple & Fast Integration
    Download and integrate the code in no time. With their integration services, the’ll even do it for you!
  • Share Scores on Facebook
    Add and invite friends from existing Social Networks to increase game visibility, distribution, and community. Not only can users send activity messages to their profiles, but they can also access their Facebook App or they’ll connect them to yours.
  • Customize The Interface
    Customize the look and feel of the interface to better suit your game. It’s your game and your brand experience!
  • Player 2 Player Challenges
    Enabling users to directly challenge their friends brings them closer and keeps them coming back for more. Not only will they play your game more often, but they’ll also invite their friends to join in on the fun.
  • Full Managed Servers
    They take care of the work. Their servers coordinate accounts, challenges, and communicate with social networks like Facebook.
  • Built In Analytics
    Keep track of gamer usage and identify trends to improve your game.
  • FREE!
    Free for you & your users

By no means is Scoreloop the only framework out there, however they are currently the only leaderboard that blatantly works smoothly with Unity 3D.In addition, if your either already in development with Unity 3D for the iPhone or in the process, it would seem more cost efficient to run with a system that’s already established than recreate the wheel yourself, yet still lack the social platform these leaderboards offer.

Below are a few other leaderboard frameworks that are great, however they aren’t as easily implemented with Unity 3D; however, if your comfortable with Xcode & Objective-C then that may not be such a negative.

Other Leaderboard Frameworks

  • OpenFeint [ ]
    An extremely feature-rich and free service offering social challenges, offline support, in-app friending, high scores, and social media APIs.
  • Agon Online [  ]
    “AGON Online is a complete social platform for iPhone and iPod Touch games. It is a location-aware online high score system, complete with profiles, friends, awards etc. Think Xbox LIVE on-the-go.”
  • Geocade [ ]
    Also free, “Geocade is the largest location aware social gaming platform with gaming communities in thousands of cities and towns across the world.”


If you already use one of these let us know how it’s working for you? How have your sales been affected? Have you tried a few of these to then settle on one?


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  2. Actually, AGON does have a fully integrated Unity package which makes it very simple to get into a Unity iPhone game.

  3. vince says:

    Your right, I actually should have corrected that.. however, I haven’t read anything about it’s ease of use.. have you used it for your Spring Fling game?

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  5. Yes. Using it and liking it so far. Integration was very simple but regardless I’ll be writing a tutorial about it in the upcoming days or weeks.

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  7. Arpegg1o says:

    Where can I find the tutorial ?

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