Joseph Burchett Interview

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

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Joseph Burchett is a great Software Engineer in the Sacramento, California area who’s been focused on Adobe’s Flash & Flex framework. He is here to share his knowledge for those wanting to gather information about getting into the game developer market. Regardless if your interested in creating either casual games, or are more interested in being apart of a larger team and company like Electronic Arts, you need to start somewhere. Joseph does a great job at explaining where he thinks you should begin, or if your already involved, what are some other great tools out there for you to use.

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Info freebies for you

  • Are you an indie developer? Are you interesting in making video games?
  • What are some of the benifts that Flash can bring for game development?
  • Are there different paths for people trying to go Indie vs people wanting to work for larger Companies, like Microsoft or EA?
  • What are some of the other tools you can use to get into game development?
  • If you were to make casual games, how can you make money from them?

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