Episode 2 | Introductions & HD TV’s

So for starters, we apologize for the absolute horrific delay in posting episode 2 of our bi-weekly video-cast. We’re still get our process smoothed out with our limited resources.
The video to the right is just the HD TV’s video section of the show –>

Nonetheless, we have another amazing episode for you ladies and gentlemen. Part of the hold up was because of the length and topics that were discussed. Originally we reviewed the Zune HD, and talked about the pros & cons about the Mac vs. PC, however they were just a tad bit too biased so I pulled them (Zune HD review & Mac vs. PC’s) from the video. Don’t fret, we’re still planing on discussing both those topics in the future but we want to make sure it’s more informative & factual than just laced with our opinions.

In this episode we formally introduce ourselves, and we discuss in some detail the pros & cons with a few of the HD TV’s out there. We’ve received many queries to help explain what the differences are between 720 & 1080; Whats the difference between Interlaced ‘i’, or Progressive ‘p’? And much more within the video!

Below you’ll find some references and video highlights, in addition to feedback suggestions {wink, wink}

Video References

Info freebies for you

  • LCD’s are cheap, energy efficient & look great!
  • If you’re tight on cash grab the 720p, instead of the 1080p
  • Most of your cable &/or satellite programs are still in Standard Definition, so why get the best of the best?!
  • There is a difference between the ‘p’ & ‘i’; don’t get the ‘i’ (interlaced)
  • If you have money to burn, go ahead and buy two OLED TV’s; you keep one & send us the other!

8bitFeed™ Feedback

  • As a whole, how was the show? Did I get you useful information? Were there important questions we didn’t answer? Any suggestions for improvement?
  • How do you like the setup of the video layout? How was the audio?
  • What did you take away from this video?

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