C# Unity 3D resources

Personally, I’m all for the option of a Scripting language versus an Object Oriented Language; however with that said I obviously understand the reasons for actually needing the power, speed & precision that comes with the added and usually grueling work. Nonetheless, if your choosing to go down the path of writing your beloved game in Unity 3D with C#, here are a few resources I’ve gathered to aid your process. That is of course if your migrating from their JavaScript dubbed UnityScript. Otherwise if your already an expert with C#, keep in mind that you won’t really need/have to know any of .net as that’s not really applicable.

As for compiling your code, I’d highly recommend TextMate for Mac OSX. There’s also MonoDevelop 2.2 which is in beta for the mac.  As previously stated, I personally don’t code in C# so I’m not attesting that it’s actually great for that language, however I have heard read it was.

If your on a PC, you could just use the default Unitron that comes with the install, or there are a few other options, none that I’m familiar with personally.

And if for what ever reason your developing in Unity using a Linux box, here’s a source for you too: MonoDevelop